Capacity Building Award Guidelines



What do we mean by capacity?

We mean the many kinds of resources that organizations build up and can draw upon to do the work necessary to achieve desired outcomes. What capacities are necessary to produce quality programs? Capacities of many kinds are needed to design, build, operate, and continually improve the programs or activities that ultimately produce the desired outcomes.

How are programs or activities and outcomes related?

Programs or activities produce outcomes and should answer the question – "how will the funds be used to build capacity?"

What are outcomes?

Outcomes are what will be accomplished or expected to change through the essential activities of the organization.

It is the development and ongoing strengthening of specific capacities that this Capacity Building Award is intended to support.

Criteria for Capacity Building Awards

  • Be a tax-exempt nonprofit under section 501 ( c ) 3 of the IRS Code on its own, or be applying with a sponsoring 501 ( c ) 3 organization.
  • Requests for assistance will not be considered if the proposed activity has begun prior to the Satterberg Foundation decision date; please contact the office for dates.
  • Organizations which are consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Satterberg Foundation and which are located in the counties of Satterberg Foundation Board Members will be considered. (please see the “about us” page on our web site )
  • An organization may request a Capacity Building Award once a calendar year.
  • Organizations with annual budgets between $1-$5 million dollars can request a one-time Capacity Building Award up to $25,000 or a multi-year Capacity Building Award up to $75,000 over 3 years. 
  • Organizations with annual budgets under $1 million dollars can request a one-time Capacity Building Award up to $10,000 or a multi-year Capacity Building Award up to $30,000 over 3 years.
  • Requests are reviewed at scheduled Board meetings.


Capacity Building Applications are due to the office on or by June 13, 2014.

To request an application by email 

select contact us on this webpage and email our info account.

 Funding decisions will be made by end of July 2014.



  • Please review the mission, vision and values of the Satterberg Foundation.
  • Review the criteria for eligibility. If your organization is eligible, please contact the office for an application by email (select contact us on this webpage) or by phone at 206-441-3045.
  • All applications be submitted on current forms.
  • Organizations are requested to submit:  
  1. Information on number of board meetings/year, average attendance, and number of board members contributing to your organization.
  2. A signed and dated application using our current Capacity Building Award application, electronic signatures are acceptable.
  3. Your Board-approved annual budget for the current fiscal year
  4. Your Board-approved financial statement.
  5. Your copy of the IRS letter authorizing tax-exempt status, or if applying with a sponsoring organization, a copy of their IRS letter, and a letter from that organization describing the relationship.
  • We encourage, but do not require, electronic submission of applications and supporting documents. If submitting by USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or other please do not require a signature. The Satterberg Foundation office will email you confirmation of receipt of your application.
  • A follow-up report form will be sent with the grant letter and award.
  • A follow-up report is due at the completion of the activity or within nine months after the award has been made.
  • A follow-up report reminder will be sent six (6) months after the grant award.
  • Only grant recipients who are timely in their reporting will be eligible to be featured on the the home page of the Satterberg Foundation's website.


Use of Funds 

  • Capacity Building Awards may be used for training, consulting, collaboration, conferences, skill exchange, professional development or accessing other resources that help strengthen the organization. Areas for capacity building may include:
    1. Board development
    2. Development of internal systems or structures
    3. Financial management
    4. Fundraising training
    5. Leadership Development
    6. Outcomes and quality improvement/Evaluation
    7. Strategic planning
    8. Succession planning
  • Awards are not for program delivery, for evangelical purposes or for emergency or capital expenditures, including computer hardware or software or related items.
  • Please inform the Satterberg Foundation office of changes in your direction, intent or timing.